Find calm and clarity through writing

Indelible is a private, digital journal to record thoughts, develop intuition, and make positive changes.

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All entries are fully encrypted and private.


writing & reflection.

Understand yourself better with uninhibited, stream-of-conscousness writing.

  • Start your entry in write-only, no-edit mode.
  • Lines fade away to keep you focused on writing.
  • Fully encrypted for guaranteed privacy.
  • Fullscreen view minimizes distraction.
Edit mode in Indelible


Clarify your thinking
by editing your writing.

Nobody writes a perfect first draft. Edit your raw thoughts to clarify your thinking.

  • Editing after writing gives you space to reflect.
  • Identify unhelpful repetition and remove it.
  • Confidently commit to a viewpoint.
  • Review related entries to uncover patterns.


Develop perspectives
that make you happier.

Evolve your thinking with features to help you organize, reference, and reconsider.

  • Track related thoughts over time with tags.
  • Powerful search to find what you need.
  • Writing prompts shift your outlook.
  • Schedule check-ins on important topics.
  • Mix entries to generate new ideas.
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For every type of journaler

Beginner 🥉
You're just getting started

Read our guide to effective journaling, or check out our Prompt Library for suggestions to get started.

Proficient 🥈
You journal a few times per month

Use Focus Mode to strengthen your journaling habit. Make a commitment to journal for 5 min per day, and use our timer to hold yourself accountable.

Advanced 🥇
You journal multiple times per week

Add tags at the entry- or paragraph-level to keep track of important events or behaviors, and easily reference them in the future.


With features like Focus Mode and flexible search, Indelible gives you the tools you need to track thoughts and behaviors over time.

Choose how long you want to spend journaling and stick to it with focused, time-boxed writing.
Keep track of your thoughts with unlimited custom tags.
Easily find what you need with keyword search or filtering by tags.
Write any time, any place. Fully optimized for desktop & mobile.
Guide yourself to insight with thought-provoking prompts. depending on your goals.
Never miss a check-in. Create custom notification schedules for your favorite prompts.

Privacy is our foundation

End-to-end encryption

All entries are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption before they even leave your device.

Your data is private

Your data and entries live in our secured database, and will never be sold to third parties.

Your password is your key

Our servers only have access to your encrypted entries, meaning nobody but you can read your entries.

Not public

You can't share entries via email or social media. This means no accidental posts to your feed.

Your new habit for
powerful transformation

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Spark clarity through reflection.

The act of writing
engages your senses and
primes you for learning.

Learning leads to change.